4 thoughts on “Versus Market

  1. I have 2 orders paid and confirmed on the blockchain yet the status still said unpaid for 2 days when it reverted to expired.

    No one has answered me despite opening a ticket 2 days ago.

    Very suspect!

  2. I am having the same issue as you Greg. But my order hasn’t expired yet. I think we got scammed, good thing I only spent like $20…

  3. I see these bad reviews here but I had an excellent buying experience with Versus so just wanted to shoutout. I know it’s like Russian roulette sometimes with dark markets but here my anecdote. I bought on the afternoon of 3/22/22 and by the next morning it had been accepted and said shipped before I went to bed. Received the order Saturday 3/26 with no problems. Now, I did place an order with that very same vendor on Monday night 3/21 and it held pending for a day or so and then I clicked on the seller’s info page and saw that I had formatted the address wrong as per his particular request on formatting. It held as pending for a few days, then changed to Expired by like Thurs or Friday. I assumed it was because of my address formatting error. Anyway since I used 2-2 multisig, I have to wait for them to refund me. It’s out of my hands. But I could’ve used 2-3 multisig and supposedly I’d be able to request my refund and get it right away. Anyway that was a near perfect experience by a first time buyer on 3/22/22.

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